To reshape, change, and improve



You forge the future from an idea, a scratch. You defy your destiny, invest your energy and time pursuing your brand success. It is an up and down journey. Tears and joy. A heavy burden you must carry yourselves. You know better than anyone else that, sometimes, your brand needs other hands to keep growing. But nobody notices you. You are too small in a land of big players. No hard feelings. 

Our role is to take these high potential small-sized brands and honored their founders vision crafting successful and viable brands, reshaping their destiny. 

Because every doer deserves a legacy.

In a category where all key players are hungry for a fast growth, the bigger the better, our style is the opposite. We select carefully the brands and sellers we are partnering with and focus all our ecommerce expertise and dedication to create profitable and long-term successful brands. Because a lasting brand is the best recognition we can offer to its founder. 

From person to person, from founder to founder.

Whether you proudly own a brand you want to scale with us or you just want to know
more about Recontour, we’re happy to get in touch.