The Power of Rebranding: Renewing Longevity Botanicals’ Identity

Longevity Botanicals Recontour

As David Aaker points out, rebranding is a natural and necessary part of strategic brand management in response to changing market conditions. At Recontour, rebranding has not always been the first option when we had acquired a brand. Of course, it has been an option, a natural one in the e-commerce aggregator sector, but we […]

Recontour launches its iconic brands in United Kingdom and Europe markets on Amazon

Recontour ecommerce

Recontour is excited to announce the launch of its iconic brands Best Chess Set Ever, Shaka-Ball and Real Life Living on the Amazon United Kingdom market, and Best Chess Set Ever in Europe. Besides, Recontour has started introducing Shaka-Ball in Canada and Mexico. This strategic expansion not only underscores Recontour’s commitment to growth but also […]

Embracing Challenges in E-Commerce: Raúl Díaz Miranda Shares His Journey at Recontour

Recontour ecommerce

What does it really mean to work in an e-commerce aggregator company? In the fast-evolving landscape of digital commerce, how does one find balance and fulfillment? How does the remote work model shape our job? We explore these questions and more through the eyes of Raúl Díaz Miranda, an experienced Marketing professional and writer, who […]

Geographies strategy: international expansion of Amazon ecommerce sellers

According to The Information, Amazon had a plan to continue its expansion through the world in 2023, looking for sizable areas. But these plans have not taken place, which is pretty rare in Amazon, as from 2016 to 2022, it opened at least one international marketplace every year. This choice of freezing the geographic expansion […]

Our Lessons from our Trip to China: Reengaging with our Suppliers

Recontour trip to China

In this interview with Recontour Senior Operations Manager, Shrenik Karbhari, we delve into his groundbreaking first trip to China to visit suppliers. This journey marks a pivotal moment in strengthening Recontour’s global supply chain and understanding the intricate dynamics of international business relationships. The interview offers insightful revelations about the strategic decisions behind the visit, […]

Shein vs Temu: the War for the Ultra Low-Cost Ecommerce Crown

Ecommerce Recontour

The ecommerce landscape is witnessing a colossal clash for supremacy in the US, as two emerging Chinese ecommerce behemoths, Shein and Temu, lock horns in an escalating rivalry that is shaping the future of online shopping in the United States and beyond. Shein, a seasoned player has been a dominant force in the fashion sector, […]

Black Friday: setting the tone for the holiday season

Recontour at Black Friday

The Black Friday buzz is impossible to ignore. It’s that time of the year when big and small DTC brands on Amazon stand at a crossroads: join the high-stakes rush for skyrocketing sales or chart a more measured course? At Recontour, we’ve felt the electric anticipation for November 24th, a date circled in red as […]

Unleash Your Amazon Business Growth with Expert PPC Automation Strategies

Amazon PPC ads

On a marketplace as Amazon, where competition is fierce, strategic advertising can make all the difference. As a dedicated DTC brand owner or seller, being an expert in the art of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) automation strategies is essential for “recontouring” your business to new heights. In this post, we’ll delve into the realm of PPC automation, […]

Harnessing the Power of AI: A Seller’s Guide to Competing on Amazon

AI ecommerce

In the dynamic world of ecommerce, it is vital for sellers to find an edge to stay competitive. In this digital age, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) can be a game-changer for founders looking to leverage their brands and maximize their success. In this post, we will explore a range of AI-enabled tools […]