Unleash Your Amazon Business Growth with Expert PPC Automation Strategies

Amazon PPC ads

On a marketplace as Amazon, where competition is fierce, strategic advertising can make all the difference. As a dedicated DTC brand owner or seller, being an expert in the art of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) automation strategies is essential for “recontouring” your business to new heights. In this post, we’ll delve into the realm of PPC automation, […]

Embracing our DNA: why our Team will only work on remote

Recontour fully remote working

We’ve recently seen it on social media and in the news: many of the big tech companies like Amazon, Apple, Salesforce, Meta, and, ironically, Slack or Zoom, are retracing their steps taken during the pandemic, exploring ways to bring employees back to the office. While this is happening, at Recontour, an ecommerce aggregator founded in […]

Harnessing the Power of AI: A Seller’s Guide to Competing on Amazon

AI ecommerce

In the dynamic world of ecommerce, it is vital for sellers to find an edge to stay competitive. In this digital age, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) can be a game-changer for founders looking to leverage their brands and maximize their success. In this post, we will explore a range of AI-enabled tools […]